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Floor Smart vinyl flooring is a product composed of layers of different materials bonded together to form a highly durable, water resistant and quiet floor covering.


Floor Smart vinyl flooring has become an increasingly popular flooring material in Pietermaritzburg because of its ability to fight off moisture and its versatile appearance.   Installed correctly vinyl flooring can realistically mimic wood, stone and marble.

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Floor Smart sells a wide range of laminate flooring. Laminate flooring has a hard flooring surface that resembles the look of authentic hardwood floors. Laminate flooring is manufactured with four layers.


The timber core is High Density Fibre board. Underneath a balancing film is added for stability. There are two finish layers. The first is the decorative layer that resembles wood or stone. The top layer is a protective aluminium oxide overlay that gives laminate flooring its’ durability and long lasting wear rating.  

​Floor Smart laminate floors have the feature of being warm in winter and cool in summer.

​Unlike wooden flooring, laminate flooring does not have to be refurbished/restored.  This is what makes laminate floors hygienic and easy to care for – which can bring important benefits to allergy sufferers.

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Floor Smart offers carpets that are one of the most popular flooring materials, soft, warm, and durable, and can be installed in both residential and commercial spaces.


There is nothing quite like carpet for a soft place to play, sit, and work. Floor Smart has an extensive range of carpet choices to meet all your needs.

The huge variety of colours, textures and materials available allows you to choose anything, from pure wool – which is not only luxurious and durable but also stain-resistant – to more affordable options.

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Timber Floors

Floor Smart offers different kinds of solid Hardwood & Engineered Timber flooring.

Floor Smart hardwood floors are made from slow growing trees so that the wood has a finer looking and with a beautiful grain. Floor Smart solid hardwood timber flooring is unique as each piece of wood is completely different. No one in the world will have the same hardwood floor as you will.

Floor Smart engineered wooden flooring are made from strips of different kinds of wood glued and pressed together. The top layer is a hardwood timber but at a reduced price compared to solid hardwood floors.


Floor Smart shutters are not only used for aesthetic reasons, but for practical reasons too.  Controlling the amount of sunlight that enters a room, to provide privacy, airflow, security, to protect against weather or damage.

Floor Smart shutters prolong the life of your fabrics and furniture – UV rays from direct sunlight causes faded furniture and  fabrics.

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Floor Smart supplies and installs a range of blinds to suit all homes and offices. From wooden blinds, aluminium blinds to roller blinds Floor Smart can advise which would aesthetically look more pleasing for you. So whether you need a blind for privacy or to control the amount of sun contact Floor Smart to assist you.

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass can transform any garden. Floor Smart artificial grass is available with different lengths and textures to resemble true grass. Advantages of Floor Smart artificial grass includes that you do not have to cut it during summer months, Floor Smart artificial grass remains green the whole year round and is ideal for those shaded areas in the garden where grass does not grow.


Sanding & Sealing

Floor Smart can restore your existing hardwood floors. Sanding and sealing using quality sealers to transform your timber floors to look like new. Floor Smart works with Oregon Pine flooring and Swiss Parquet block flooring. When sanding the timber flooring Floor Smart removes any light scratches and indentations. Floor Smart then applies a primer to the hardwood floor before finishing with two coats of sealer.

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Cleaning & Maintenance

Caring for your flooring is important. For hardwood timber flooring, laminate wood flooring and LVT’s (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) Floor Smart recommends a quick drying cleaner. A flat microfibre mop is essential, no spaghetti mops drenched in water, as moisture/water can lead to peaking or cupping if the flooring is ‘over’ cleaned. Floor Smart suggests a good quality vacuum cleaner for carpets. Carpet manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning once per annum. Floor Smart supplies cleaning materials in bulk/concentrates for your convenience. Floor Smart also offers maintenance solutions for parquet and Oregon pine solid timber flooring. This includes timber floor polishes.

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