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Are Luxury Vinyl Tiled flooring (LVT’s) waterproof?

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Are vinyl floors water proof? With this blog I am referring specifically to an installation Floor Smart did in 2013. At the time Luxury Vinyl Tiles were sold as waterproof by the manufacturers. All down the supply chain the waterproof properties of Luxury Vinyl Tiles were highlighted to the end consumer.

This blog is written with the permission of a customer Floor Smart installed a LVT in 2013, for the purpose of the blog we will call him Mike. At the time of the installation the Luxury Vinyl Tile were available in both glue down and click. This installation was a click Luxury Vinyl tile installation installed on Mike’s original subfloor.

For eight years the Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT’s) had performed according to the manufacturer's warranty. There was no visible wear on the surface of the planks. During 2021 the customer noticed that gaps were forming between the Luxury Vinyl Planks and that they were peaking on the joints. Floor Smart was called out to inspect the floor I was able to insert my moisture meter between the vinyl planks that had formed. There was a

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